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  1999 tourneys


Phil Price tournament record 1998
 Tournament  Team  Record  Result  Personal evaluation
 Gnarly Nines (coed)  Red Fish Blue Fish  8-1  lost in finals  I did not play particularly well, especially in finals
 Fools West  Scuzzlebutt (Saucy Jack)  6-1  lost in finals  My best tournament in years
 Daweena  Chargoggagogg (Saucy Jack)  6-1  won  I played well, and made the most of sparse Finals PT with 2 scores and a D
 Santa Barbara  Dumphuck (Saucy Jack)  4-1  lost in quarters  We played well the first day, but were lousy in quarters. I was not a major factor.
 Cal States  Sick of it All  7-0  won  I played well in semis as we beat Condors, but played only one point in finals.
 Poultry Days (de facto coed)  Red Fish Blue Fish  7-1  lost in finals  A solid performance
 Boulder  Sick of it All  3-7  lost in quarters  I played very well. Unfortunately the rest of the team played relatively poorly.
 Solstice (B division)  Santa Cruz Pirates  7-0  won  I played well.
 Davis  Santa Cruz Pirates  4-2  won consolation  Fair
 Santa Cruz Labor Day (B division)  Soul Cheese  5-1  lost in semis  I played well overall, but had a somewhat sub-par semifinal---just got worn out.
 Baylands Corporate  LBNL (Hee Haw)  5-0  won  Average.
 UPA NW Regionals (coed)  Red Fish Blue Fish  6-0  won  I played well
 UPA Nationals (coed)  Red Fish Blue Fish  8-0  won  Did not play the first day. Windy conditions favored us greatly---I played neither well nor poorly, as we won easily
 Overall  All teams  76-15  10 finals  Best year ever...and lots of Ultimate!