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  1998 tourneys
  1999 tourneys

Red Fish Blue Fish

Red Fish Blue Fish (RFBF) is a long-time coed team, most of whose core members played together in college and grad school in the Bay Area. The team used to play regularly (with very respectable results) in Open (non-coed) tournaments, but now that coed tournaments are more common we mostly play in them instead.

Some people have moved away and been replaced by others, and the list of players who have played with RFBF at some tournament or other is quite long. In approximate order by number of RFBF games played in the past 3 years, the team is:

Men: Tim "Scruffy" Pfafman, Phil "Phil" Price, Greg "Pooh" Wolff, Tom "TK" Kenny, Mark "Dork" Determan, Mike Goodwin, Chris Fontes, Dan Doherty, Joel Gohdes, Mike "Primus" Angelo, Jay "Otter" Vyas, Simon Verghese, Jim "Bim" Johnston, Paul "Tall Paul" Hermann, Jim Parinella, Jordan, Steve Finn, etc.

Women: Joanne "Jo" "Camel" Adamkewicz, Cecelia "CeeCee" Fairley, Devo "Devo", Juliet Lamont, Missy Wolff, Steph Robertson, Debby "DK" Kramer, Jackie Bourgeois, Linda Farley, Asako, etc.


RED FISH BLUE FISH, 1998 National Champions



RED FISH BLUE FISH, 1998 Poultry Days runner-ups.

(I'm the big guy in the back)