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Phil Price 1999 Tournament Record
 Tournament  Team  Record  Result  Personal evaluation
 SF Winter League tounament  Whoomp  1-3  eliminated  fairly good, but not enough.
 Fools West  "Stanford Reunion" (Saucy Jack reunion)  2-3  lost in quarters  not so great, but no worse than others. We really underperformed.
 Oregon coed  Red Fish Blue Fish  6-1  lost in finals  not so hot, especially in finals. Out of shape (no exercise on my Iran trip)
 Poultry Days (de facto coed)  Red Fish Blue Fish (in name only)  4-1  lost in A pre-quarters  fair
 Potlatch (coed tourney)  BBN (Boston)  3-3  lost B semis  very good.
 World Championships (coed)  Red Fish Blue Fish  8-0  won  terrible all week, except in our two games against runner-up Osaka Natto. In finals, caught 4 scores (maybe 5), threw 1.
 Northern Cal Sectionals (coed) Red Fish Blue Fish  7-0  won  I played only a few points. Mostly harmless.
 NW Regionals (coed)  Red Fish Blue Fish  8-0  won  Fair to good, not a big factor.
Nationals (coed) Red Fish Blue Fish 6-2 lost in finals Poor first day, fair after that. Not a factor
Overall various, mostly RFBF 46-13   Not a great year...but then, I did play well at Potlatch, and well in finals at Worlds.