Creekcats Environmental Partners

“Green infrastructure” is the umbrella phrase for describing the natural features - river corridors, vegetation, open space areas -  that provide us with important services such as water supply, water filtration, flood control, erosion control, carbon sequestration, air quality improvement, and more.  These services are often referred to as “ecosystem services” or “environmental services.”  The green infrastructure concept highlights the fact that these services have real value to us both in economic and ecological terms.  They are as much a part of our infrastructure needs as the built infrastructure that we create, such as sewage treatment plants.


Green Infrastructure Overview

Enhancement and restoration of green infrastructure is based on the premise that working with nature, rather than against it - and using nature’s inherent capacity to provide many important services to us through healthy ecosystems - is both an economically beneficial strategy as well as an environmentally sound one.  Unlike built or heavily engineered infrastructure systems, green infrastructure is much less costly to implement and maintain (particularly over the long term), and it has multiple benefits for the environment, communities, and the economy. 

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