Creekcats Environmental Partners

Environmental Commitment

Our goal is to protect and restore watersheds and water resources by bringing “green infrastructure” policies and practices into mainstream planning and decision-making.  We provide clients with research analy
sis, policy recommendations, and effective communications products that bring strong environmental science into business, policy, and planning decisions about water-related infrastructure choices.  We focus on techniques and policies that provide multiple benefits for ecological health, economic stability, and community livability.    


Our services utilize an integrated, inter-disciplinary approach to solving client problems, in which we:

  Protect and restore ecological vitality through ecosystem-based strategies.
  Prepare technical analysis, planning strategies, policy development, and advocacy routes.
  Bridge the gap between science and policy implementation through effective communication.
  Plan for a climate change future, to enhance and restore ecological biodiversity and resilience.
  Provide ecologically-based solutions to mitigate for - and adapt to - climate change impacts.

Whether you’re a public agency, a private business, or a non-profit organization, if you care about creating a greener future for our planet, we can help you make that happen.


Green Infrastructure Planning and Communications

Our Work

  1. -Integrated approaches to environmental problems

  2. -Science-based strategies

  3. -Rigorous analysis

  4. -Applied solutions

  5. -Sustainable outcomes

  6. -Effective communication

Contact Information:  E-mail:;  Ph: 510-909-5403