Creekcats Environmental Partners

Consultant Services

  1. -Climate change adaptation & mitigation

  2. -Environmental policy & program formulation

  3. -Regulatory framework development

  4. -Advanced statistical analysis & data review

  5. -CEQA analysis & review

  6. -Technical writing & communications


  1. -Policy recommendations & reports

  2. -Written testimony & comments for hearings

  3. -Research synthesis & summaries

  4. -Statistical reports & summaries

  5. -Journal & magazine articles

  6. -Brochures & newsletters

  7. -Audio-visual presentation materials


Our expertise in green infrastructure planning and communications can help your organization address critical issues such as meeting CEQA and climate change regulatory requirements, achieving water conservation and recycling targets, lowering flood, erosion, and stormwater treatment costs, improving business efficiency and costs - all while simultaneously enhancing wildlife habitat and recreational opportunities for your surrounding communities.  For example,

If you are a city or county or public agency preparing a sustainability or climate action plan, we can prepare policy recommendations that adapt to and mitigate for climate change impacts, specifically focusing on areas such as land use, watershed management, and water conservation and recycling.  We can further enhance these plans with engaging, informative audio-visual presentations and written products that communicate your goals and policies to a broad range of stakeholders.

If you are a private business looking to “green” your operations, we can suggest both strategies and techniques for improving in-house water-related use, as well as framing broader contextual decisions about environmentally beneficial landscape improvements and capital project upgrades, and marketing and public relations avenues for highlighting your green business.

If you are a non-profit engaged in watershed and water-related advocacy, we can prepare strategies and products to help you effectively communicate your message to the public and elected officials, as well as providing the scientific and quantitative technical assistance, analysis, and summaries to support your advocacy efforts.

Specifically, we can provide the following:

Consultant Services

Strategic planning
Climate change adaptation and mitigation
Environmental policy & program formulation
Regulatory framework development
Advanced statistical analysis & review
Research review, collection & synthesis
CEQA analysis & review
Technical writing & communications
Presentation design & delivery
Community outreach consultation
Project planning


Policy recommendations & professional reports
Written testimony & comments for hearings, environmental reviews
Research synthesis reports & summaries
Statistical reports and summaries
Journal & magazine articles
Blog entries
Educational brochures, newsletters
Professional audio-visual presentations for boards, conferences, hearings
Written & visual environmental advocacy materials
Public speaking review & training

Consulting Services & Products

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