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Would you like to see a list of things that I can/can't do?

If you live in California, it's practically required that you participate in lots of sports. Although I've taken a few windsurfing lessons, I can't really claim to be a practitioner of either of the stereotypical California pastimes of surfing or windsurfing. I don't really rollerblade much, either.

However, I've played Ultimate (a.k.a. Ultimate Frisbee) for years, I am an intermediate-level snowboarder and skier (telemark), I commute on my bike and do some road and mountain biking, and recently became re-certified in Scuba.

I really like to travel, too...check out some of the places I've been.

I also do a bit of running, not so much because I like it, but to stay in shape for Ultimate.

Back in college, I used to play some chess, and had a rating around 1750. I've only played a handful of rated games in the past few years, though, and my rating has sagged to the low 1600s.