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My Ultimate Career

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2002: A lost season. I had a great time at the 2002 Kaimana Klassik in Hawaii, then had knee surgery that sidelined me until August. I played surprisingly well in my comeback tournament (we won) in Tahoe, but sprained my "good" knee at the World Championships and missed the Fall Series.

2001: A continuation of the trend towards playing fewer tournaments. My knee continued to deteriorate, and I found other things to fill my time, so Ultimate is becoming less important in my life. I play co-ed just about exclusively, with Red Fish Blue Fish. I had a great time at a tournament in Rimini in Italy, and enjoyed Poultry Days as always. I played fairly well at Nationals, but we lost in semis by one point to Blue Ridge Ultimate.


1999: Much less play than in 1998. Picked up at a few tournaments with various teams; troubled by a foot problem (plantar fasciitis) following Potlatch. Won the World Championships in the coed division, in Scotland, with Red Fish Blue Fish. We lost in finals at the U.S. National Championships in November.

1998: early-season tournaments with a group of Saucy Jack players, soon before they joined up with Double Happiness in the Bay Area's latest attempt to build a "superteam". Then I joined Sick Of It All) and played two tournaments with them before I was cut in August. Thereafter, I picked up at a few tournaments, and finally finished out the season in the co-ed division with Red Fish Blue Fish, where we won the first ever UPA Co-ed National Championships, in Sarasota, Florida.

1993-1997 Various teams in the S.F. Bay Area: Flambe', Spin Doctors/Dr. Seuss, (see the photos---not for the faint of heart!---from Spin Doctor Reunion at Fools 2000.) Also played with Stonehenge (we're old, we don't move, and nobody understands why we're positioned that way), Fran Tarkenton, and Calistona, all of which qualified for Regionals. Played (and still play) coed with Red Fish Blue Fish.l Worlds Masters with Seven Sages in 1997.

1986-1992 University of Kentucky*, Lexington, KY. Team captain from 1988-1992. We struggled through some lean years in the late 80's (few players, poor tournament records), but things started picking up around 1989, and Lexington currently has a healthy Ultimate community, and hosted Nationals in 1994.

1984-1986 Oberlin College*, Oberlin, Ohio. My introduction to the sport. Teammates included Aeneas Long and Bruce Heller, both of whom I see at Bay Area pickup games.



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