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  canal at night
  curvy railing

In September, 1999, after playing in the Ultimate World Championships in Scotland, we had to go to Amsterdam to catch our flight to Botswana. We took a supposedly luxury ferry from Newcastle to Amsterdam ("supposedly" because every public space on the ship was rank with cigarette smoke, so we couldn't really enjoy it), met up with a friend in Amsterdam, and spent a couple of days there before our flight.

Amsterdam was fairly pleasant. Just as we've heard, lots and lots of people ride bikes for transportation there. We took a nice ride on a canal tourboat, visited a flower market, etc. We skipped the very crowded Van Gogh museum, and did not visit a diamond wholesaler, either.

I have a few decent photos from Amsterdam, but realistically I'm not sure I'll get around to putting most of them on my site. Click the links on the left to see a couple of them. If you've got a burning desire to see more, email me and maybe I'll scan in a few more.