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A clerical error almost made me ineligible to play with my Ultimate team at the National Championships in 1998. When this came to light, I got lots of support on rec.sport.disc, and a few people weighed in with more ambiguous comments...including this hilarious poem by Death or Glory's Eric Zaslow.

Also from rec.sport.disc, here's a nice exchange of insults between me and Ken Dobyns, and an article about my role in Red Fish Blue Fish's win of Coed Revolution 2000.

Delving further into the rec.sport.disc archives, here are some amusing (to me) old posts about the ethics of "stacking" teams against the tournament organizers' wishes, etc. And here's one about coed Ultimate in the Bay Area, perhaps of historical interest. And from way back, an article about Nationals 1994 that got me in hot water with a few of the Rhino Slam guys.

I wrote a pretty long rec.sport.disc summary of strategy and tactics, and our road to semis (and loss there), at Nationals 2001.

In February, 2002, I played with Southern Discomfort at the Kaimana Klassik in Hawaii, and had a great time. Immediately on my return I had knee surgery (arthroscopic), you can read about it here.