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April, 2001 took me to Rimini, Italy for the world-famous "Paganello" tournament. Thanks to Chris Hurwitz for putting the team together (even though he didn't play on it).

Someday I'll put together some real pages about the tournament [ed. note: it's now a year after the tournament, and I haven't done this yet, so I guess I never will], but the clamor of people who just want to see some photos is overwhelming...well, actually, I think I've gotten two emails about it. Still, "the best" is the enemy of "the acceptable", and if we all wait for me to do something really good, we'll be very, very old by the time I'm ready. So just click on the links to the left and see some uncaptioned photos.

Some explanations of a couple of them:

"test of manliness" features our very own Mark Ross participating in a "manliness challenge" against some British guy who, frankly, kicked his ass in the ancient art of fruit-kicking while wearing fins and a pool toy. Clearly, it takes practice.

"last supper" features Ozzie as our very own Jesus. Worth a look.

The others more or less stand alone.