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In September, 1999, Juliet and I went to Botswana with a bunch of mutual friends, to visit friends who were living there and to do a wildlife safari.

Our friends, Elizabeth and Steve, arranged a great trip for us. We spent about half the time tent camping, the other half in lodges. We rented cars for the first part of the trip, on good roads in Botswana and Zimbabwe, and then switched to 4x4's for the very rough, sandy roads in Botswana's national parks.

Camping takes some getting used to: several times, elephants came right to the edge of our campsites; a hyena started rummaging through our stuff one night, until we shooed him away; we would hear lions roaring or chuffing nearby (or at least, they sounded nearby!) at night. Just getting out of the tent in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom would get the adrenaline flowing.

Juliet and I both took lots of photos. You can see a few of them by clicking on the links on the left. The first two show our friends; the others are animals.