yellowstone in winter, 2010-2011


Juliet and I have gone to Yellowstone at the end of December for several consecutive years.  It’s a great time to go: there aren’t many other visitors, and the snow and cold temperatures drive the animals into the valleys, including the ones along the only road that is kept open during winter.

We try to get out for a ski or snowshoe excursion for two or three hours each day -- or at least, each day that is above 0F or so.  The rest of the day, from dawn to dusk, we spend looking for wildlife.  Usually we drive slowly along the roads, scanning for wildlife, and pausing at pullouts to take a closer look at anything that looks interesting.  Watching other wildlife-watchers is also a good idea: if you see spotting scopes set up, or a photographer with his camera on a tripod, or someone staring intently through binoculars, it’s worth stopping to take a look.

Click the menu-bar at the top of the page to get an idea of what we saw from Christmas 2010 through New Year’s Day.  

-Phil Price


A beautiful, harsh world

Above left: Bison ascending a hill.

Top: Otter eyeing photographers.

Center: Male elk grazing.

Right: Coyotes howling