Phil Price


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Some parts of this site date back to the last century, and haven’t been updated since!  Those old entries include an old blog, a list of recommended books, a separate list of good nonfiction books, and a few poems and songs that I like.  For a while I had a Bay Area Bird Blog, which I may revive at some point.

The Travel page has links to photos and descriptions of trips to Botswana, Iran, Yellowstone, and other places I’ve been.

I haven’t played competitive Ultimate (Frisbee) in years, but it used to be a big part of my life.  If you want to read about my career and exploits, you can!

What you won’t find is much about my wife, since she doesn’t like having a web presence.  This will give you a somewhat skewed perspective on my life, since she’s such a big part of it.  Just realize you’re only getting part of the story.


What’s here for you?

Welcome to the website of Phillip “Phil” Price, of Berkeley, California.

Not sure if you have the right Phil Price?  Check my biography page.

You can drop me a line at: pnprice at creekcats . com