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    Sun, 08 Feb 2004

    House: More catwalk stuff!
    If you've been paying attention -- see June 2003 or September 2003 -- you know that one of my projects has been to build an elevated walkway for cats, that connects our house to the house next door (where Juliet's sister lives with her cats). Photos of the walkway (in partially completed state) are available here and here, although I've made some improvements since then.

    Now, I've released a video that shows a "Chester's-eye view" of an entire traverse of the catwalk. Go to and go to the Public Folder, then the Cats, folder, and then download (You might be able to skip the folder navigation by clicking here). It's a rather large video (15.3 MB) in Quicktime format...probably only worth doing if you have a broadband connection. Oh, and it has sound which greatly enhances it, so make sure you have your speakers turned up!

    The catwalk is now open for business for all four of the cats. Our cats enjoy going next door to visit Beth's house and cats, but her cats are so far a bit too shy to have play dates at our house. There's been a little minor tension on the catwalk (it has a "passing area" for cats to get past each other, but, predictably, the cats actually enjoy blocking the other cats and tend to choose spots where they obstruct things as much as possible).

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    Sun, 09 Nov 2003

    Cat fight!
    I made a little video of a three-round bout between Nimitz and Chester. The subtitles are probably too small to see in this little web version, right here.

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    Mon, 01 Sep 2003

    House: more work on the catwalk
    If you're one of the three people who occasionally visits this site, you know that I've built a "kitty recreation area" (6ft x 4ft outdoor cage) for our cats, and that I've attached it to a "catwalk" that extends from the roof of our garage to the trellis over the porch next door. (The next step, which I've been working on, will be to connect the catwalk into the house next door, so the cats in both houses can travel from one to the other.)

    You can see a few photos of the catwalk from a while ago, but also some new photos that show Chester's new way of using the catwalk. Nimitz likes the catwalk too, but so far hasn't shown any interest in copying Chester in this unusual use of it.

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    Sun, 01 Jun 2003

    House: catwalk photos
    As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I finally finished the "catwalk" that will eventually connect our house with Beth's house. Right now, the catwalk just dead-ends, but both cats still like it, and go out several times per day to hang out and watch the world go by.

    I've finally put up some photos of the catwalk in action for your edification and enjoyment.

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    Sun, 04 May 2003

    The cats are walkin' the walk
    A year and a half ago, I built a "cat recreation area": a big outdoor cage where our cats can hang out on our upstairs deck, without being able to escape. (We've previously had outdoor cats, but to save our bird population, keep our cats safer, and remove those stressful situations when one of the cats goes missing for a few days, we now keep our cats indoors). Anyway, they love the cat recreation area, and go out into it for several hours every day, but they still go stir crazy every now and then. So we decided to eventually tie our house in to the house next door, which conveniently belongs to Juliet's sister, so that our cats and hers can have the run of both houses.

    Today, I finally installed phase 1 of that plan: an elevated catwalk from our upstairs deck to the roof of the porch next door. It's about a 14-foot span. Working a few hours per weekend for several weeks, I built a triangular truss out of PVC pipes (complete with diagonal bracing), glued the joints, painted the whole thing brown, put a wood floor on it, and wrapped it in deer fence. Today we hoisted it into place and tied it into the existing "recreation area." As expected, it's already a huge hit with Chester: he immediately walked it from end to end several times, then spent ten minutes probing for weaknesses, and then sprawled out in the middle of it, basking in the sun twelve feet off the ground. Predictably, Nimitz is being much more cautious: he edged his way slowly out to the middle, then turned around and edged his way back, and hasn't been out since. He sits and watches Chester pacing back and forth in it, but he's not yet convinced that it's for him. The next phase will be tying it into the house next door, which we'll probably do by installing a cat door somewhere (perhaps on the second floor).

    Considering Chester's enthusiasm, the project looks like a big hit already.

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