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    Sat, 30 Apr 2005

    Some discards in 2005

    OK, so, this isn't much of a blog. Months go by without anything new, and then the new stuff isn't that interesting. Mostly this just serves as my personal repository of stuff I might want to be able to remember someday, that would otherwise get lost. And here's another post like that. So sue me.

    We hired some house-cleaners to come today to do a spring cleaning, which we needed anyway, but even more so because our recently completed renovation project generated a lot of dust. The impending arrival of the cleaners meant that I needed to do a few things in preparation, one of which was to clear out some space on my bookshelves so that I could get some stacks of books off the floor. Clearing out space means identifying books to get rid of, so I hurriedly scanned my shelves and grabbed the following. This isn't a representative cross-section of books that I read, or books that I read but don't like, or anything else in particular, it's just a semi-random sample of books that added up to a space about the right physical size to make room for the ones that I needed to fit in place.

    Five-Finger Discount, by Helene Stapinski
    Curious World, by Philip Hamburger
    The Choking Doberman, by Jan Brunvand
    The Vanishing Hitchhiker, by Jan Brunvand
    The Road Ahead, by Bill Gates
    Return of the Straight Dope, by Cecil Adams
    Notable American Women, by Ben Marcus
    The History of the Siege of Lisbon, by Jose Saramago
    Dr. Broth and Ollie's Brain-Boggling Search for the Lost Luggage, by Michael Abrams and Jeffrey Winters.

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