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    Wed, 11 Aug 2004

    Looong vacation!
    It's been several months since I updated this website, but that's not because of laziness (well, not _just_ because of laziness). It's also because I was away on a SIX WEEK vacation, my longest break from work since junior high school. Juliet and I spent a couple of weeks driving up the Pacific coast to Salt Spring Island, British Columbia; we spent a week on the island; we flew from Seattle out to the east coast and spent two weeks there; then we returned to Seattle and spent a week driving back to Berkeley.

    We loved the Elk Prairie/Prairie Creek part of the Northern California redwoods. We did a fun mountain bike trip there, about 11 miles through old-growth forest and down to the coastal plain, where we saw a herd of elk that came grazing past at close range. We also had an excellent campsite in Prairie Creek State Park.

    The Oregon coast was beautiful, nice to drive through and we also did some nice hikes there.

    We stayed for a week at the "Spindrift Resort at Welbury Point" on Salt Spring Island (a.k.a. Saltspring Island), just inside Vancouver Island. The resort is a collection of small, simple cottages built and run by two nature- and animal-loving women over the past twenty or thirty years. There's a small herd of tame deer that spends all of their time roaming the grounds (and happily accepting food handouts), and a covey of quail, and several tame's quite charming. Once, while we were sitting out on the point looking over the bay, an otter came along just offshore, dove down and caught a fish, and then swam right in to the rocks in front of us, climbed out, and ate the fish! Pretty great.

    We spent two weeks on the island of North Haven, Maine, where we easily filled our days by taking walks, kayaking, playing games with Juliet's cousins, biking around, etc. Several friends came up for brief periods, too, and that was much fun. We also went to the wedding of a good friend, Holly, who married a very nice guy, Rob, who we like a lot.

    And now we're back, and getting back into the flow of regular life, which has _schedules_ and _things to do_ and so on. I'll try to get back to updating this web site more often, too.

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