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    Sun, 08 Feb 2004

    House: More catwalk stuff!
    If you've been paying attention -- see June 2003 or September 2003 -- you know that one of my projects has been to build an elevated walkway for cats, that connects our house to the house next door (where Juliet's sister lives with her cats). Photos of the walkway (in partially completed state) are available here and here, although I've made some improvements since then.

    Now, I've released a video that shows a "Chester's-eye view" of an entire traverse of the catwalk. Go to and go to the Public Folder, then the Cats, folder, and then download (You might be able to skip the folder navigation by clicking here). It's a rather large video (15.3 MB) in Quicktime format...probably only worth doing if you have a broadband connection. Oh, and it has sound which greatly enhances it, so make sure you have your speakers turned up!

    The catwalk is now open for business for all four of the cats. Our cats enjoy going next door to visit Beth's house and cats, but her cats are so far a bit too shy to have play dates at our house. There's been a little minor tension on the catwalk (it has a "passing area" for cats to get past each other, but, predictably, the cats actually enjoy blocking the other cats and tend to choose spots where they obstruct things as much as possible).

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