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    Sun, 21 Dec 2003

    Hey, did I mention...?
    I was just selected to be a Fellow of the American Physical Society (that's "physical" in the sense of "being about physics", not in the sense of "being a super-stud." It's quite an honor. Objectively speaking, it's very hard to see how I deserve it---in any single year, only 0.5% of APS members can become Fellows. But at least I had enough going for me that it wasn't a laughable suggestion, so I'm pleased about that. The fellowship citation mentions (1) my work on quantitatively describing the spatial and statistical distribution of radon in the USA, (2) developing new tomography techniques for mapping air pollution, and (3) compiling and publicizing advice for responding to chemical or biological attacks in buildings. As you can see, none of it is "physics" in the traditional sense, although item (2) at least has a strong analytical connection. Anyway, it's big news for me, even though it's a bit baffling.

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