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    Mon, 01 Sep 2003

    House: more work on the catwalk
    If you're one of the three people who occasionally visits this site, you know that I've built a "kitty recreation area" (6ft x 4ft outdoor cage) for our cats, and that I've attached it to a "catwalk" that extends from the roof of our garage to the trellis over the porch next door. (The next step, which I've been working on, will be to connect the catwalk into the house next door, so the cats in both houses can travel from one to the other.)

    You can see a few photos of the catwalk from a while ago, but also some new photos that show Chester's new way of using the catwalk. Nimitz likes the catwalk too, but so far hasn't shown any interest in copying Chester in this unusual use of it.

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