22nd 2008
Where are the Berkeley Cooper’s Hawks? Help find them.

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Cooper\'s Hawk photo[Photo fby William Kendall, from Cornell’s Project Feederwatch].
A group called CHIN — dunno what it stands for, but I’m sure CH stands for Cooper’s Hawks — tries to keep track of all of the Cooper’s hawks in Berkeley. They’ve been doing this for the past six years, and by now they pretty much know every year where they will find nests. But: “After years of getting comfortable with having a range of nest numbers in our study area from 9 to 14, we’re finding a lot of holes this year. Of course, “holes” may have two meanings: (1) that we have no Cooper’s Hawks nesting in certain areas that have been long or occasionally active; or (2) we haven’t found them yet. Weirdly, our holes are showing in some of our most stable nest areas, Hinkel Park, Remillard-Cragmont, Live Oak Park, etc.” So they’re organizing a late-nesting-season “blitz” to look for nests that they may be missing.  For instance, the tree they where they used to nest in Live Oak Park was cut down; maybe this pair just moved somewhere else nearby and hasn’t yet been found by CHIN.   CHIN will do their blitz from June 7 to 22.  If you can help out, contact Allen Fish at (afish at parksconservancy dot org) or leave a comment here. 

2 Responses to “Where are the Berkeley Cooper’s Hawks? Help find them.”

  1. Brent Plater on 22 May 2008 at 4:23 pm #

    I’ve seen coopers hawks twice in the south berkeley/north oakland area in the past week. First I saw one on a wire in the morning at Shattuck and 65th St. Second, I saw one on 61st St. near Bushrod Park. This is in Oakland, so I don’t know if that is relevant to the survey. I can’t confirm any nesting activity, just presence of the hawks.

  2. admin on 23 May 2008 at 2:36 pm #

    Thanks for the observation, Brent. I don’t know if CHIN is working that far south, but they might be, so I’ll pass this along.


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