8th 2008
What this blog’s visitors want, versus what I have

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When visitors find this blog through certain search engines, my blog software records what search terms they used.  Unfortunately I’ve never provided any answers to some of the most popular queries, and I’ve only provide lame answers to others.  If any of you readers have information you can add, please leave a comment.  At some point I hope to make a FAQ page that answers a bunch of these.  Here are some of the things my readers are looking for:

  1.  ”what birds migrate through the Bay Area”, and similar searches. (Yes, some people really do do natural language searches). A short answer is, I don’t know.  I have mentioned robins and cedar waxwings, both of which migrate through (and some robins stay year-round), but of course many many species migrate along the “Pacific Flyway.”  I’ve never seen a list; if someone knows of one, pass it along (or a link to it) and I’ll blog about it. 
  2. “best birding sites Bay Area”.  I’ve done a few posts about this (click “day trips” in the Categories menu, or do a search for “birding”).   Near Berkeley: Aquatic Park, and the outfall of Codornices Creek at the northeastern end of the Albany Bulb, are both good for water birds.  So is Lake Merritt, and the channel between Lake Merritt and the Oakland marina. The northern part of the Nimitz Trail in Tilden Park, north of the paved portion that connects to Inspiration Point, is good for several kinds of hawks and kestrels…and quail and non-native wild turkey, too. Elsewhere, Point Reyes’ Bolinas Lagoon is good.   Palo Alto Baylands and the adjoining parks (Shoreline, etc.) along the waterfront are great - lots of trails to walk, great diversity of waterbirds.  Heron’s Head Park, Alameda Wildlife Refuge…I think that’s all I’ve specifically mentioned.  See http://www.creekcats.com/birdblog/?p=111 for one of the posts on the subject. 
  3. “bird list Bay Area”, and similar searches.  I think these people are looking for, well, lists of birds they might find here.  The only thing I’ve seen like that is a bird list for Berkeley’s Eastshore State Park, which can basically serve as a near-the-Bay list for anywhere; see the blog entry at http://www.creekcats.com/birdblog/?p=114
  4. “endangered birds Bay Area”.  Click on “endangered species” in the Categories list to see some relevant posts (and some irrelevant ones).   People searching on this might be interested in a webpage that (supposedly) lists endangered, threatened, and “special concern” species: http://www.sfpsociety.org/SFendangered.html 

2 Responses to “What this blog’s visitors want, versus what I have”

  1. miya on 12 Apr 2008 at 6:42 pm #

    i’m trying to find out how to lure singing birds into my urban blight oakland front yard… no trees… scrawny rose bushes… grass and weeds… loud traffic all day and night… and i’m wondering what kinds of birds live around here, if any… i always had songbirds outside my window in nyc. so that’s how i ended up at your site.

  2. admin on 12 Apr 2008 at 11:13 pm #

    Don’t despair! You can definitely have bird visitors. Even residents aren’t out of the question. It largely depends on how much trouble you’re willing to go do. Planting the right kind of plants and a bit of water is all it takes to get started, and you’ll be amazed at how few plants it takes. As for noise, some birds will be bothered by traffic noise, but some won’t; they get used to it like we do.

    Tell you what, within the next day or two I’ll do a blog post about attracting birds to your urban yard; more people will see it that way than if I post it here in the comments. So please check back!

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