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21st 2011
Climate change bad news for birds and others

Posted under endangered species

Long time, no post.  Without a steady audience of readers, it seemed like a pain to keep the blog going.  But I’m going to try to post here every now and then anyway.  Every now and then someone still finds the blog through a search engine, and finds something useful on it, so why not?

Today’s post is prompted by a New York Times article entitled “Climate Threatens Species at Every Altitude.”  It opens with a photo of the long-tailed willow bird, which it says was once far more common but is now threatened.  Without looking into it, I’m guessing that the usual suspects like invasive species and human development are more to blame than climate change so far…but climate change is just getting started and is going to get much, much worse.  From the article:” “It’s a really simple story that at some point you can’t go further north or higher up, so there’s no doubt that species will go extinct,” said Walter Jetz, professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at Yale…”

Not far from here, in the Sierra, we’re already seeing substantial effects from climate change: “Last year, new research in the journal Ecological Applications and elsewhere showed that the pika, a thick-furred, rabbitlike animal that takes refuge from the sun in piles of stones, was moving upslope at about 160 yards a decade and that in the past decade it had experienced a fivefold rise in local extinctions, the term used when a local population forever disappears.”