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24th 2010
Miscellaneous news, September 2010

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  • The Nature Conservancy photo contest (mentioned a couple of posts ago) ends soon.  Hurry up and get in your entry!
  • The former Alameda Naval Air Station is the home of the world’s most successful breeding colony of California Least Terns, an endangered species!  (Golden Gate Audubon has a great program out there, monitoring the site and keeping it safe.)   The Navy has been a good partner.  Unfortunately, they want to transfer the land to the Veteran’s Administration, which intends to build a clinic and columbarium (for storing cremated remains).  I think we can all agree that a VA clinic and columbarium are praiseworthy…but do they really have to go at this specific location?  No, of course they don’t.  But politicians don’t want to be seen “voting against veterans,” which is seen as a lot worse than “voting against birds.”  And of course the VA claims, against all evidence, that they won’t actually hurt the birds.
  • Our friends at have been posting some interesting things recently, including a fascinating but disturbing story about a city that removed a beaver dam, thereby killing a large fraction of all of the remaining watercress darters in the world. (The watercress darter is a lovely little fish).