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17th 2008
This blog is probably going away

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If you’re one of my few regular readers, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve gone from posting something every day, to posting three times per week, and have now drifted down to once a week. I’m thinking of going down all the way to zero new posts per week. Fact is, this blog never developed the way I hoped it would. I had hoped that readers would occasionally contribute stories; that stories would prompt discussions; that I would be able to use those discussions to compile useful information (such as a list of good birding areas); and that readership would be much higher than it is. Instead, the level of effort I am willing to put into the blog is not enough to attract a big enough audience to make it worthwhile. So I’ll probably stop posting new stories. I’m thinking about it, anyway.


13th 2008
Wildlife rescue classes

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I don’t know if this class covers birds specifically, but:
WildRescue will be teaching a “unique and comprehensive 8-hour class that explores the fundamentals of wildlife rescue and provides instruction numerous capture strategies for land and marine animals…” Be prepared to help out the next time there’s an oil spill, or an injured animal in your neighborhood. Classes are November 8 in Berkeley (at the Shorebird Park Nature Center) and December 6 in San Francisco (Crissy Field). Costs only $40 for 8 hours, call 831-869-6241.

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