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18th 2008
Interview with Arnel Guanlao, local birder extraordinaire

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Our interview subject this time is Arnel Guanlao, the founder and moderator of a “yahoo group” called sfbayarea-birds (easily confused with sfbayareabirding, which is not the same!) Before Arnel did this interview, I knew he was a far more knowledgeable birder than me, and probably more observant and a quicker learner, too. Now, I know for sure that all of these are true. Read on for some information about Arnel, and especially about how he got to be so damn good…and where to go to see some birds!
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4th 2008
Interview with Bob Lewis, noted local birder

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Burrowing Owl Photo by Bob Lewis[Burrowing Owl at Berkeley’s Cesar Chavez Park; photo by Bob Lewis]

We have a special treat today: a brief interview with a top local nature person. I’m going to try to make this a regular thing, perhaps every month, if interview subjects are willing. In this case, the top local nature person is Bob Lewis. Bob is a board member of the Golden Gate Audubon Society; an excellent bird photographer; and a very knowledgeable local birder. He runs the very useful local birding website, and he a lot of great bird photos on flikr. Read on for the interview, including some tips on great local birding spots, and on bird photography.

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